National Poetry Month 2019

Happy National Poetry Month 2019!

For this year’s NPM, I’m doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a loooong time, a collaboration! Inspired by Tender Loving Empire’s collaboration series with local artists, I’m teaming up with my friend and local artist, Emily Rose Bartlett!

Haikus are a form of Japanese poetry that follow a 5-7-5 pattern of syllables for each line. They’re brilliant little things that usually have some sort of connection to the seasons too. While I’m not typically one to write haikus, I found myself craving structure and puzzles I could solve, since my life has felt unpredictable and chaotic lately. So I began writing haikus during ten-minute breaks at work about the food I was eating or wanting to eat. Because I am Italian, it made more sense for me to write about food and the connection between food and joy than the seasons.  

Emily has been thoughtfully creating watercolor paintings for my food babies, which feature food as poetic as mangoes and as quirky as cough drops. What’s resulted is a series that’s aesthetically beautiful, simple, and fun. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Check out our work throughout the month via my Instagram.


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