The Flattering Word

The Flattering Word is a one-act comedy about the persuasive call of the theater to even the most resistant of men. Eugene Tesh, a traveling actor and former beau of Mary Rigley, who is now married to Reverend Loring Rigley. Reverend Rigley opposes the theater on religious grounds, but through the winsome words of Tesh, his own secretary, Mrs. Zooker and her son, the pastor has a change of heart.

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“What great performances from the cast: bright, expressive, clear, audible, paced, endearing. The set and props: beautiful, balanced, well lit. Costumes and make-up: flawless. The play: a sweet, funny journey through change in characters you instantly care about . The best I have seen in Sitka.”

– John C. Stein, Greater Sitka Arts Council Board Member

“Loved The Flattering Word. This was a play in which every cast member plays a critical role. Every one of them has comedic lines that require chemistry and timing… and I loved the comic sauce they whipped up… From the clarity, crispness, casting, and blocking, I also felt the directing showed unmistakable signs of excellence as well!”

– Owen Kindig, audience member and local Sitkan

Raven Radio Interview                    Raven Radio Press

Photography by Emily Kwong

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