The Tempest

My dramaturgical process formed around three main questions. “What does this mean?” “Why was this play written?” and “Why is this play important today?”

“What does this mean?” was a direct reference to the language of the play. Naturally, I started off by reading and rereading the script and attending rehearsals where I began to take note of unfamiliar words and phrases and created a glossary for the actors.

Why was this play written? Shakespeare lived during same time that America was beginning to be colonized by England. In 1609, a hurricane ravaged The Sea Venture, a ship bound for Jamestown, Virginia but instead ended up in Bermuda. The story doesn’t end there however, William Strachey, the colony secretary of Virginia and passenger aboard The Sea Venture, published his report about the storm and their time in Bermuda. It was quite popular in England and Shakespeare undoubtedly joined the population in reading it.

“Why is this play important today?” was answered through meetings with the director. She explained that she was inspired to loosely set the play in Haiti to bring focus to a place where people were still suffering like Miranda and Prospero- abandoned, homeless and vulnerable to threats.


Cover Photo by Celine Perron

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