Online Articles

The Theatre Times

TheTheatreTimes.com launched in November 2016 and is the largest and the most diverse global theatre portal, covering theatre in over 75 countries.

The Trek

TheTrek.co celebrates the Appalachian Trail and its community as well as inspiring others to go live their adventure.

Blisters Before Misters

The personal blog my hiking partner and I kept while hiking the Appalachian Trail in the Spring and Summer of 2016. Read all about it here.  

Feminist Wednesday

Feminist Wednesday is feminist storytelling community that spotlights badass women and what they’re up to. Here’s what I’ve written for them.


The Perpetual You

The Perpetual You aims to disrupt mainstream media by highlighting the beauty of real women living intentional lives.

Live Readings

Filter, a short story

KTOO Public Media- Writer’s Showcase
Juneau, Alaska

Ferris Wheel, a short story

The Island Institute- Writer’s Read
Sitka, Alaska


Walking is Still Honest Press

April 2017


2016 Issue 43

Olentangy Review

Winter 2016 Edition